Lady Gaga Naked Painting

Lady Gaga Poses Nude in Vanity Fair

Lady Gaga Naked Painting

Apparently, Lady Gaga is trying to take over our site by getting naked every chance she gets.  Just last week we posted on Gaga showing her bare ass in the new book “Culo,” and now we get a mega hot full nude shot from the January 2012 issue of Vanity Fair.

For anyone that saw Gaga’s holiday special last week, she mentioned posing nude for a painting by Tony Bennett (yes THAT Tony Bennett,) but never did we think we would actually get to SEE anything other than the painting.  Gaga talked about being completely nude right in front of Bennett, and she was not lying.  This pic gives us a great shot of Gaga’s hot body, with a boob completely visible and just inches away from straight full frontal!  It seems that the new rule is nudity is OK as long as art is somehow involved…works for us.  Tony Bennett might be the real winner here, as he’s in his 80’s and married, yet still getting hot women naked right in front of him.

Gaga has toured for most of the past couple of years, but now that she’s in between tours it looks like getting naked will be her hobby.  Now we continue to wait to see what magazine lays down the cash for a full-on nude shoot with multiple pics and full frontal nudity.


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