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Playlist: The Top 10 Superhero Movie Actresses That Have Gone Nude

Superhero movies regularly deliver the type of female characters that are not only hot, but also make you feel like they could kick your ass.  Something about a hot actress in tight spandex dominating her foes is a

Rosario Dawson Leaked Nude Pics and Video

Just when you thought Fappening 2.0 was over, part 2 begins in a major way as Rosario Dawson leaked nude pics and a video have surfaced online. While of course, we have seen Rosario give us full

Playlist: Scenes with Celebs that are Shaved Completely Bald

Today we’re featuring a playlist that is truly special because we’re paying tribute to the ladies that were not only brave enough to do full frontal nudity scenes, but they did them shaved bald down below for

Rosario Dawson Full Frontal Nudity from “Trance”

What we have today is quite possibly the nude scene of the year, and undoubtedly one that will go down as an all-time great.  We’ve actually held off on posting on it just because a top-quality HD

Classic Nude Scene: Rosario Dawson Totally Naked in “Alexander”

Today’s nude scene comes from the movie “Alexander” from a few years ago, which I guess was about some historical stuff or something but honestly, probably the only thing anyone remembers from it is the fact that

The Art of X-Ray Celebrity Pictures, More Boob Than You’re Supposed to See!

Have you ever seen a hot pic of your favorite celebrity and said “damn, ALMOST a great shot but she’s covered up JUST enough!” Well, it seems a ton of people have had the same thought and