Playlist: Scenes with Celebs that are Shaved Completely Bald

Celebs Full Frontal Shaved

Today we’re featuring a playlist that is truly special because we’re paying tribute to the ladies that were not only brave enough to do full frontal nudity scenes, but they did them shaved bald down below for all of us to see.  How many times have you watched a scene that featured a hot celeb get naked only to be disappointed by a huge bush (and don’t even get us started on those god-awful merkins) that hide everything?  I mean, maybe some people enjoy the site of…  But the ladies that really let us see their parts deserve special recognition.

Of course one of the first scenes that comes to mind when we’re talking about jaw dropping bare vagina scenes is Rosario Dawson’s legendary scene from “Trance;” of course Rosario’s boobs are legends in their own right, but getting to see them along with an up close completely shaved vagina shot nearly floored us all.  Of course some will say such nudity is art, but there will always be an audience that just see it as a pussy and will get aroused no matter how you spin it.

Of course Rosario going full frontal was such a big deal because it was unexpected from her, but this list has shaved bald nudity from other well known actresses and even some of your softcore favorites.  We feel like it takes real bravery to let viewers REALLY see what you’ve got down below and going hairless is the perfect way to do so.  Here is a list of the brave ladies who bared their bald beauties in the playlist above:

Rosario Dawson
Riki Lindhome
Angie Everhart
Lina Romay
Sally KirklandRosario Dawson Shaved
Carly Banks
Alia De Angelis
Georgia Jones
Briana Banks
Josie Davis
Gry Bay
Elisabetta Cavallotti
Francesca Neri
Tonya Kinzinger
Elisabeth Bourgine
Laurie Wallace
Kira Reed
Angie Savage
Amber Newman
Linda Lovelace
Ilona Staller
Christina Baby
Sabine Ironheart
Brandi G

So if you don’t like to see ladies behind real OR fake hair down below and you really want to see the genitals they were born with, these ladies deliver just that in the scenes featured in the Celebs Shaved Bald Playlist!

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