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Monday, February 16, 2009

Classic Nude Scene: Mimi Rogers Big Breasts in Full Body Massage

Lately our staff's been enjoying our good friend Mr. Skin's top 100 celebrity nude scenes, and getting some great ideas for more scenes for our "classic nude scene" feature here at NSFW Celebs. One of the scenes we ran across, is one that is toward the very top of the list, and it's Mimi Rogers nude and getting a FULL body massage, in the aptly titled movie "Full Body Massage." Sounds simple enough, but the fact is that Mimi Rogers has some gigantic tits, and they are on full display in this scene. And we're not talking about any quick flashes here, this is a long scene that just keeps going, with Mimi Rogers showing her tits and ass as she gets rubbed down with aisle and changes position over and over. Usually boobs this big can be seen in the form of porn actresses with implants, but Mimi's appear to be 100% real, and even bigger than most implants, so this scene is the one to see for anyone that's all about real boobs. We just can't say enough about these boobs, and Tom Cruise was once married to them....well he was married to Mimi Rogers for awhile, and we just can't see how anyone could divorce this pair of tits. OK, we think you get it now, so go ahead and enjoy a full 12 minutes of Mimi Rogers nude and getting massaged....boobs and all.

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