Classic Nude Scene: Eva Mendes Naked in Training Day

Eva Mendes Nude SceneToday we look back at a classic nude scene that probably didn’t become very classic until a few years later when Eva Mendes became one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. Eva hadn’t been in any big roles to this point and she didn’t have very many scenes in Training Day, but the scene where she went totally nude definitely made an impact.

Most people are probably shocked to hear that Eva Mendes had done a totally nude role before all the huge movies she does now. In the scene, we first get a naked ass shot of her on the bed, and then a few seconds later we get a pretty much full-frontal shot with her tits totally exposed and lower have is without panties.

It’s good to see Eva risked getting naked early on in her career and showed that getting naked can make you a big star. And Eva has been getting naked a lot lately, in videos and in print, so it’s good to see she didn’t become a big star who will never get naked again.

Enjoy the Training Day nude scene, then check out the links below the video to see Eva’s more recent nude work.

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