Banned Eva Mendes Nude Calvin Klein Commercial is Here

Eva Mendes Calvin Klein Nude

We love Eva Mendes more every day because she suddenly just wants to get naked for everything from PETA to magazines, and now commercials.

This Calvin Klein commercial features Eva Mendes rolling around giving us horny looks, then wow, she exposes a breast, complete nipple, yes, Eva Mendes nipple in a commercial.

Of course, everyone goes nuts and bans this commercial from airing on T.V. in the U.S. at least, but Calvin Klein basically said they expected it because the U.S. sucks like that when it comes to nudity, but they knew it’d be all over the net and they were right! Not only that, but globally this commercial is going to be a huge hit as you just can’t go wrong with a naked Eva Mendes showing off her boobs.

Here is the commercial for Calvin Klein’s new fragrance “Secret Obsession,” you’ll want to buy some after Eva Mendes shows you her tits and gives you the look:

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