Eva Mendes Would Rather Go Naked! Bares Her Nude Ass for PETA Ad!

Eva Mendes Naked PETAWe’ve become huge supporters of PETA as of late, since besides doing all the good cause stuff with animals and all, its given us a new avenue to get hot famous people naked!

Sure some will just go for Playboy or a nude scene in a movie, but other stubborn types just don’t believe in that sort of thing, so THAT’s where PETA comes in. Some believe that Playboy and nude scenes are just wrong, but stripping it off for a good cause? SURE! So basically Peta provides us with some women who probably otherwise wouldn’t get naked, and others who have gotten naked before but will do it for a good cause too, so hey, you just can’t go wrong.

The latest addition is Eva Mendes, whose new PETA ad features her totally naked ass, all to stand up for animal rights…….what a beautiful day!

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