Denise Richards Neve Campbell Lesbian

Classic Nude Scene: Denise Richards and Neve Campbell Sex in “Wild Things”

Denise Richards Neve Campbell Lesbian

Today’s classic nude scene is almost a 2 for 1 special……almost. Wild Things was a movie that’s pretty much always been talked about because of maybe the hottest threesome scene in a mainstream movie ever. Denise Richards was this new blazing hot chick we hadn’t seen much of yet and Neve Campbell was the fairly good girl from “Party of Five.” I don’t remember a whole lot about the movie, but it was one of those twists and turns types you had to keep up with – but the sex scene won’t ever be forgotten.

The gist of it is, the 2 girls get Matt Dillon in a hotel room and get wild and horny. First, we see Denise’s ass in a thong as he takes her panties off, then we get some great gratuitous tit shots as Denise’s bra comes off and the real fun begins as the girls are both making out with the guy and then the girls start making out with each other – wow, some hot action here, boobs and all!  I recall when I first saw this scene years ago, Denise Richard’s boobs were in full view, the scene was getting hot….and then, the moment that changed it all….Neve Campbell was hot and horny, ready to join in on the action, and pulled her shirt up and off as my jaw dropped; the good girl from Party of Five was about to go all out and get her tits in on all this sex action too…we see the shirt come off, and Neve’s bare back…………and then the scene faded to black….wow.

That’s right, just when it was about to go to new levels of hot, the scene faded with a Neve Campbell bare back shot. But that wasn’t all, we’re also bringing the OTHER Wild Things scene – the one where it’s just Neve Campbell and Denise Richards all alone in a pool getting horny once again, making out, pulling out Denise’s breasts once again for some great shots. Then, Denise goes to pull Neve’s shirt off and we once again get the gratuitous Neve Campbell bare back shot! So as we said, it’s the 2 for 1 deal today…2 classic nude scenes, 2 girls, 2 different shots of Denise Richards’ boobs, and 2 Neve Campbell…bare back shots!

But seriously, for anyone still angry that Neve didn’t get naked in Wild Things, but sure to check out our post on when Neve Campbell went topless in “I Really Hate My Job” and righted the wrongs with a nice long glimpse at her tits. On to the Wild Things videos:


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