Classic Nude Scene: Elizabeth Berkley Naked in Showgirls

Elizabeth Berkley NakedHmm, after reading the title, maybe I should’ve put “Jessie Spano Naked” because Elizabeth Berkley’s most famous character is probably a more recognized name than her real name.

Ah back in 1995, young minds were blown at the thought of the legendary brain of Bayside High on Saved by the Bell, Jessie Spano, would even THINK of being in a low down dirty NC-17 movie. But reality kicked in that Jessie Spano may be the smartest girl in school, and all for respect for women, etc., but Spano was just a character and Elizabeth Berkley was the real person here, and SHE would get butt naked in a dirty movie and show it ALL.

This movie was so controversial, first due to the rating and the hyping making it sound like borderline porn (and by today’s standards, it would easily air on Cinemax in the late-night hours,) then MORE controversy because it sucked so bad that it was the laughing stock of the movie industry as pretty much the ONLY reason to see it was to see Jessie Spano’s boobs and vagina….yes we all wanted to see what A.C. Slater was getting all through high school.

This movie set Razzie records, and I guess somehow became a cult classic just because it was so horrible, but it got the point across as Elizabeth Berkley spent most of this movie naked and we got ass, boobs, and vagina in full view, so anyone that spent their teen years with Jessie Spano as their dream woman had their image shattered as she did slutty dances and stripped off her thong and got down and dirty.

So we’ve got not 1, but 2 Elizabeth Berkley nude scenes from Showgirls, so we threw a bonus in to celebrate a little Bayside High fame here at NSFW, one with Elizabeth performing on stage with another girl, and one giving a guy a nude lap dance while Gina Gershon watches on and gets horny. So whether you envision Elizabeth Berkley, or if you can’t help but only see Jessie Spano, here are 2 naked raunchy scenes from Showgirls:

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