Classic Nude Scene: Danielle Harris Naked in Halloween

Danielle Harris NakedIn the past couple of years Danielle Harris has been acknowledged by many as a, if not THE horror movie queen.  From her days as a kid being chased around by Michael Myers in Halloween 4 and 5 to appearing in and even directing her own horror movies more recently, Danielle Harris is a career scream queen.  Today we look back at the monumental moment a few years ago when we got the news that Danielle Harris would be returning to the Halloween franchise for Rob Zombies version and that she would be getting naked in the movie.

Now while she was most famous as a kid in Halloween 4 and 5, over the years she got to be quite hot.  The news that she would be showing her tits sent horror fans into a frenzy and this scene was on the net way before the movie came out.  What’s great about the scene is we see Danielle go topless while preparing to have sex with some guy, but of course, Michael Myers comes in and kills the guy…but doesn’t kill Danielle, which means she’s running around topless with her boobs bouncing all over as she tries to get away.

Danielle comes across as one of those really cool girls who are down to do whatever for a movie, as she’s mentioned in interviews that she was comfortable hanging out on set topless while filming the scene.  Since she did this scene, she’s been involved in many more horror projects but no more nudity as of yet.  Hopefully, she sees that appearing nude in Halloween got her name out there again and has fans wanting her to get naked again.

You can follow Danielle Harris’ official twitter where she says “fuck” a lot and comes across pretty cool.  Maybe she will update us if she has more nude scenes on the way, but here is the classic Danielle Harris nude scene in Halloween:

**Bonus** Here is video of Danielle talking about how it felt to go topless in Halloween:

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