Classic Nude Scene: Mena Suvari Nude in “American Beauty”

Mena Suvari NudityToday’s classic nude scene is bitter sweet – sweet that we have a classic scene that introduced us to Mena Suvari’s boobs, yet bitter because Mena has a douche fiancé who has ordered her to stop appearing nude in movies and instead use a body double.

So her nudity career may be coming to an end, but we’ve got news for this guy, Mena has gotten naked quite a bit and we’re covering it all here so no one is going to stop seeing Mena naked pal. The topless scene in American Beauty is an all-time classic. In the movie, Mena plays the hot slutty friend girl who is so slutty, she ends up on the verge of hooking up with her friend’s dad. The first time I saw the movie, I didn’t go in knowing Mena got naked so as the scene progressed to her pants being taken off and panties shown, I’m thinking “Wow, this is a pretty hot scene” and a couple of seconds later when the old guy opens Mena’s shirt and reveals her boobs, it was a true “holy shit!” moment.

She’s supposed to be playing a 16-year-old in the movie (and she fit the role, as her boobs were pretty small and high school girl-like) which made pervs nationwide happy, but it’s also the reason the scene comes to a halt after the tits come out. The old guy finds out it’s her first time, then he’s hit with the fact that he’s about to get some jail bait ass, and decided against it.

There wasn’t much more nudity from her for a while following this, but just last year we covered a hot scene that featured Mena Suvari nude having hot sex in the movie Stuck. American Beauty showed us her boobs, then the scene in Stuck showed her fucking a guy and once again her boobs, so we’ve got tons of Mena to enjoy until she loses the asshole that is holding her back. So we celebrate Mena Suvari with her nudity debut in American Beauty:

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