Classic Nude Scene: Kristanna Loken Naked in “Terminator 3”

Kristanna Loken NudeWhen Terminator 3 hit theatres in 2003, some of the biggest hype surrounding the film was that there would be a female Terminator kicking Arnold’s ass and that she would be walking around nude in true Terminator tradition.  The movie was Kristanna Loken’s break-out role of course, and the fact that we had a big tall blonde naked female Terminator walking around made up for having to watch Arnold walk around naked in the first one.

This scene was edited in some versions to hide some of Kristanna Loken’s goods, but we laugh at censorship and have hunted down the unedited nude scene.  We get a look at Kristanna’s ass and boobs in the scene and we see how much muscle she had to pack on to fit the “Terminator” role.  In recent years, Kristanna has gained even more points with us by coming out as openly bisexual, even going as far as regularly getting naked on a season of The L Word and having hot sex with women more than once on the show.  So today we celebrate Kristanna Loken, with her classic nude scene in Terminator 3:

**BONUS** And as a special bonus, here is Kristanna Loken getting naked and having girl sex from “The L Word”:

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