Mischa Barton Nude Video and Pics from “Closing the Ring”

Mischa Barton NakedThe day is here that Mischa Barton fans can finally get the scene they’ve been waiting for and that’s been rumored for awhile now. She gives a great shot of her topless boobs, and a nice ass view in the straight to DVD movie “Closing the Ring.”

The OC was just Mischa Barton’s warm up and she’s started doing some nudity in previous movies, but this is definitely the best shot yet. This is only the first nude scene from the movie, and more could be possible. If not, at least we’ve got some great shots of Mishca Barton’s goods and she has proved she’s willing to not hold back and bare it all – we’ll hopefully see a lot more nudity from her.

We’ve provided a brightened up version of the Closing the Ring scene, so you can get the full view of her tits and ass, and we’ve also provided pics of Mischa topless for your viewing pleasure:

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