Heather Morris from Glee Leaked Nude Pics

Heather Morris LeakedWell it seems that either we’re going through a very lucky period with celebrity leaks seemingly happening every few days, or else celebs have figured out that “leaking” nude pics will gain them some instant buzz and everyone is jumping in on the bandwagon. This time we get some great nude pics (that don’t require investigation since her face in plainly in view in the pics) from Glee star Heather Morris.

Now it’s safe to bet that most of you aren’t die-hard Glee fans that watch regularly, but you may have caught some of the hot girls from it in passing. Heather Morris plays the character “Britney S. Pierce” (Yes a Britney Spears knock-off) on the show and has had a few memorable Britney tribute performances.

Apparently, she realizes if she wants to make it big, she needs to show us how hot she looks naked, or else another super hacker has got the job done once again. These pics are well done with some teasing open leg and bra shots, before the total nudes with boobs and sexy poses on full display. We have the traditional self-shot type pics, along with some nudes taken from the shower as well which is a nice change of pace.

Truth be told I wasn’t very familiar with Heather Morris before these pics leaked, but she made the right move and now she is everywhere. If you aren’t familiar with Glee or Heather Morris, you will be after checking out these hot leaked pics here.

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