Kristanna Loken Leak

Kristanna Loken Nude Pics Leaked

Kristanna Loken LeakThe biggest leaked nude celeb scandal we’ve seen in a long time is continuing today to some degree as “Terminator 3” and “L Word” star Kristanna Loken nude pics have leaked online.

Yesterday the Internet blew up over the leaked Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried pics, and that has lead to speculation that a “Fappening 2.0” may be underway.  So far there have been a few more leaks and now various fully nude pics of Kristanna Loken have surfaced.  Kristanna has made various NSFW headlines over the years, especially since she openly came out as bisexual which of course leads to various fantasies about her especially when she was in a relationship with Michelle Rodriguez at one point.

Of course we’ve seen Kristanna Loken nude in Terminator 3, The L Word, and other movies and shows, but these pics are full on nude showing every inch of Kristanna you could ever imagine. In Terminator 3 Kristanna made headlines as the female Terminator that would reenact Arnold’s famous walking around naked scene, and in doing so we got our first look at her boobs and ass.  In The L Word, we got Kristanna in some hot raunchy sex scenes that gave us an idea of what she does in the lesbian side of her life, but these leaked nudes leave nothing else to the imagination.

Now usually when it comes to leaked pics, we get a set of pics that were taken around the same time – but these Kristanna Loken nudes seem to encompass years worth of nudity.  We say this because some pics are nude selfies that were taken with an old style flip phone that is visible in the pics; other photos are taken from a few years back with her then-girlfriend, and finally, there are nude pics from as recent as last year that feature a naked pregnant Kristanna proudly showing her mom boobs and body.

While some of these pics seem to be shot professionally, there are others that are just straight up raunchy cell phone pics; from nude full frontal selfies to bent over nude vagaina and ass shots, these leaked pics have it all.  To top it off, we even have a up close and personal pussy selfie….with a bow on it – that’s right, a pussy bow to top off the gift of Kristanna Loken leaked nude pics. Did we mention there is also a topless swimming video….just for good measure.

Our friends at the forums are currently hosting the ultimate Kristanna Loken leaked nude pics collection, so you can see them all there.


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