Classic Nude Scene: Shannon Elizabeth Naked in American Pie

Shannon Elizabeth Sexy American Pie

How could our series on classic nude scenes not include a scene that is probably on every list of the best nude scenes of all time; that being of course Shannon Elizabeth getting naked in American Pie?

This scene really helped put the movie on the map, as it portrayed so perfectly how many males that age (and pretty much anywhere near that age) would react to a hot girl first off being in their room alone, then the fantasy coming true of the girl getting naked and hanging out with her tits all out – then topping it all off with the girl getting horny and touching herself on their bed.

Shannon Elizabeth was everyone’s fantasy girl at the time due to this scene, and it even earned her a nude shoot for Playboy in 1999. So check out this classic scene that will never be forgotten, and the scene that made Shannon Elizabeth and her boobs forever etched in countless minds:

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