Nude Celeb of the Day: Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster NudeWe haven’t featured a nude celeb of the day in awhile but with all the hype for the upcoming “Fast and Furious” movie coming out, who better to feature than Jordana Brewster? In this special Fast and Furious edition, we’re featuring 3 hot Jordana Brewster videos!

Jordana was hot in the original “The Fast and the Furious” as Vin Diesel’s sister in the movie who hooks up with Paul Walker. Being the movie was PG-13, we only got some bare back and maybe 1 second of side boob when Jordana changed shirts, but nothing beyond that. Still, she was mega hot in the movie – little did I know until years later that the same year (2001) she had already done a sex scene and exposed her boobs!

Yep, Jordana Brewster first got naked in the movie “The Invisible Circus.” In the scene, Jordana is sitting on the edge of a bed and decides to just pull her boobs out to show she’s horny and wants some action. The guy comes over and they have sex, then we see them talking in bed, and Jordana gets horny again and gets on for some more sex, which gives us a good side boob shot.

Next up we have 2004’s “D.E.B.S.” This movie is no award winner but it’s about lesbians, and Jordana is in it, so yeah, must be something good. Besides Jordana making out with girls, we’re going to feature this bonus scene which has Jordana hooking up with another girl! Jordana hops in bed and gets topless (sadly no actual breast shots) but the girls roll around and make out topless which makes it a winning scene.

And finally, we feature Jordana in 2005’s “Nearing Grace.” In this scene, Jordana is horny once again and starts initiating sex with some guy. Once it gets going, he takes her shirt off for another great tit shot which briefly shows her full nipple (pause it at the right second for the best view.) The sex gets interrupted but is made up for when they decide to seal the deal at a lake in a later scene.

In that scene, we see some nice bare back shots and Jordana’s ass in some white see-through nightgown-looking thing while she grinds on the dude. Then after they get it on, they decide to skinny dip, where we get the only Jordana Brewster nude ass shot out there to date. It’s a little distant, but it’s her complete bare ass. Finally, as she heads back to her house, she drops her towel for a brief side boob to top it all off.

So as you can see, while Jordana Brewster’s character “Mia” in the Fast and the Furious series may be the good girl, maybe even a little quiet and shy, Jordana Brewster has been way more sexually aggressive in her other roles. From seducing males AND females to skinny dipping in lakes. None of the scenes show TOO much, so there is plenty of room for more nude roles, but many of these scenes are rarely mentioned or even known about but they are true gems for Jordana Brewster fans.

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