Nude Celeb of the Day: Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder Nude ScenesWith the absolute craze going on for the second season of the Netflix hit “Stranger Things,” we thought it was only fitting to look back at star Winona Ryder’s history when it comes to nudity.  Winona was in some huge movies in the 80s and 90s and along the way became the actress that was hot in her own way and one that many wished would get naked on-screen.  She wasn’t a busty blonde or a generic hot model, but her own spunky sexiness worked and maybe had some viewers thinking they might have a chance with her type which added to her appeal.

Stranger Things 2 is officially available on Netflix and now Winona Ryder is old enough to play a mom(even though she’s only in her mid-40s,) but the series really has put Ryder back in the spotlight and has us remembering all of her sex scenes and the small bit of nudity she gave us.  Actually, throughout the 90s, Winona only teased us with sex scenes that we wished went further and showed more skin; it wasn’t until the year 2000 in “Autumn in New York”  that she KIND OF show us her boobs – kind of, as in, we saw them, but through a pixelated window so it wasn’t perfect.

The Winona Ryder nude scene that most remember comes from 2007’s “Sex and Death 101” where she was topless and BRIEFLY shows a boob, although you have to pause at the perfect second to see it.  This scene could have been the resurgence of Winona’s career well before Stranger Things had she gone full-on topless, but sadly she still held back for the most part.

While the scenes below are not what we typically showcase since the nudity is pretty minor, we do feel that Winona Ryder is a legend that deserves to be back in the spotlight, and one that we honestly still wouldn’t mind seeing do a nude scene! Check out Winona Ryder topless in “Autumn in New York” and “Sex and Death 101” below:

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