Nude Celeb of the Day: Amber Heard

Amber Heard NudityAmber Heard’s name has been in the headlines almost daily as of late, and not for positive reasons.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Amber’s rocky relationship with Johnny Depp and all the drama involving accusations on both sides etc.

Somehow in all this, we almost tended to forget the fact that Amber Heard is a certified nudity legend when it comes to nude movie scenes (and beyond,) so today we’re bringing the positivity back as we look at the best of Amber’s nude scenes.

It’s almost amazing to think about an actress like Amber that has been in so many movies over the years at such a young age and has talked about seeking out really good roles, yet she’s also been naked in many of those roles in numerous ways – something you don’t see overly often.  From playing the super horny teenager to partaking in drugged-out orgies, Amber has done it all and we can’t say she doesn’t always leave us wanting more!

One shining fact that stands out when it comes to Amber Heard’s status as a nudity legend is the fact that she is only 30 years old, and went topless for the first time in a movie at the age of 18 in Friday Night Lights!  That’s right, Amber has been taking it off since the beginning, so let’s start out with this scene featuring Amber getting horny and topless before things, unfortunately, get interrupted:

Next up let’s look at what is probably Amber Heard’s most memorable nude role in 2009’s “The Informers” – why is so memorable? Well, it’s Amber having sex, lots of sex, we’re talking threesomes, foursomes….and a whole lot of nudity to go with it. If seeing Amber Heard naked and having sex throughout an entire movie, The Informers is where it’s at:

Next, we have Amber in “The Joneses” which features a fantasy that many of her fans have undoubtedly dreamed of – Amber walking in, stripping her clothes off, and jumping in bed with you.  Of course, this fantasy gets interrupted too, but we get yet another great shot of Amber’s topless tits:

Finally, we have Amber getting naked with Johnny Depp himself in “The Rum Diary.”  Here we get to watch on as Johnny catches Amber screwing some other guy, which makes him want to bang her (which he does in the movie AND in real life.)  This is the movie that ignited the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard marriage, and we can see why since Amber is topless and all over him (before getting interrupted, again….are we seeing a pattern here?!)

So after seeing all the hot nude scenes that Amber Heard has done, can you argue that she’s a nudity legend?  Oh let’s not forget that  the nude pics she texted were leaked  during the huge leak from a couple of years back – let’s just say they proved Johnny Depp was a lucky guy.  Of course, Amber Heard has come out with the fact that she’s into girls too, so yeah, she is the complete package when it comes to NSFW Celebs!

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