Cassie Ventura Nude Photos Leaked Online

Cassie Nude Photo LeakThe scandal of the day involves RnB singer and former model Cassie Ventura who is with Bad Boy Records and who is also pretty damn hot, having pictures “hacked and/or stolen” from her computer. Now I put that in quotations because rumors have swirled all day that this is all for publicity to get Cassie’s name out there and drum out sales for her new record (a great idea by the way.) Here is what we know for sure – the Cassies pics are real, as Cassie commented on the situation this morning on her Twitter page:


Good move, admit they’re your boobs first of all so there is no confusion as to the pics being real or fake. But Cassie, the reverse psychology won’t work, sure we’ve seen tits before but we haven’t seen yours until now, so we’re definitely going to make a HUGE deal about it.

Then we get an update from Cassie on her official site:

“The recent personal pictures that have been leaked on the Internet of me were hacked and stolen out of my computer. These photos were obviously never intended for the world to see and it’s sad that people would really take time to steal and post them, it’s just evil. At the end of the day breasts are breasts, mine weren’t the first you’ve seen and they won’t be the last… people need to grow up, let’s move on. Thank you.”


Wow, if it’s not that much of a big deal she should just show her tits all the time and we’ll all just deal with it and not make that big of a deal. No matter if it leaked on purpose, was hacked, whatever, it’s going to get Cassie’s name out there so she could look at it as a good thing, just like we do.

Anyway, the original 2 pictures themselves feature Cassie topless and reveal that Cassie has pierced nipples! So they’re not just normal old boobs, they’re Cassie boobs with pierced nipples even. Hours later in the day, a third pic surfaced but this pic has yet to be confirmed 100% to actually be Cassie. This third shot features a spread eagle vagina shot that reveals a pierced clit that would seem to match the pierced nipples in the earlier shots. Hopefully we can update this later with confirmation that we also have a Cassie pussy shot, but for now it’s all speculation.

The first 2 confirmed pics can be seen here.

We’ve also come across many people that don’t seem to know who Cassie is, so we’re going to feature one of her most popular videos, “Me and You,” which got quite a bit of air time, and is a pretty hot video for you to get to know Cassie before you see her naked:

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