Shauna Sand Porn

Shauna Sand Has a Sex Tape/Porn Video

Shauna Sand PornWe’re big fans of celebrity sex tapes leaks since we get to see celebs getting down and dirty even though we’re not supposed to. Word spread like wildfire recently that Shauna Sand (who you may know from being in Playboy, from a few 90’s movies like Renegade and Black Dawn, or as the ex-wife of Lorenzo Lamas) had a sex tape on the way. Well, we’ve got some preview pics, and well, this isn’t your average stolen sex tape.

The video’s promotional material shows that this video just can’t be a homemade sex tape, and in fact a deliberate porn video. The quality of the video, the pics were obviously taken by a third person in very high quality, this is an obvious case of “I’ll get popular again in Hollywood if I make a porn” situation. But hey we’re fine with that.

A few months ago, Kelli McCarty made a porn video and she just came out and told people that she liked sex so much, why not get paid for it. Shauna admitted to making multiple sex tapes with her current boyfriend, but is apparently “fighting” to not have this movie released, sounds like more good hype so everyone will want to watch to us.

Just take a look at any of these pics, and you’ll realize that these were shot to market a porn video. It’s probably due to the fact that Shauna is looking pretty plastic these days, and this is probably the last-ditch effort for one more run at fame. Regardless of attempts to stop the release, Vivid (the same company the released the Kelli McCarty and Kim Kardashian porns) has the video and already has everything set for release, so we’ll be seeing Shauna Sand in some hardcore porn very soon.

Shauna Sand Has a Sex Tape/Porn Video Shauna Sand Has a Sex Tape/Porn Video Shauna Sand Has a Sex Tape/Porn Video 


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