Naked Student Teachers

Playlist: The 10 Hottest Teacher & Student Nude Scenes

Playlist: The 10 Hottest Teacher & Student Nude Scenes

It’s an idea almost any can relate to at some point – student think their teacher is hot and can’t help imaging them stripping naked; or maybe the teacher has a student they wish they could live out a sexy fantasy with.  Fortunately, movies allow all these ideas to play out in the best possible way while we can just sit back and watch.  Today we’re doing just that as we take a look at our picks for the 10 hottest teacher & student nude scenes.

This list has everything from teachers and students giving in and getting it on right in the classroom to sexy stripping that was SURELY only meant to teach anatomy.  Think you could paint Alyssa Milano in the nude without making a move on her? How about having Eva Amurri sitting in your class during the day then watching her strip at night? It’s all covered in the sexy scenes below.

Check out the top 10 teacher & student nude scenes we’ve picked then let us know which scenes you felt we left out:

10. Tonie Perensky in “Varsity Blues”

Tonie Perensky Naked

9. Linnea Quigley in “Graduation Day”

Linnea Quigley Topless

8. Farrah Fisher in “Van Wilder: Freshmen Year”

Farrah Fisher Boobs

7. Vida Guerra in “Dorm Daze 2”

Vida Guerra Tits

6. Angel Tompkins in “The Teacher”

Angel Tompkins Naked

5. Michael Barton in “Fantasm Comes Again”

Michael Barton Full Frontal Nudity

4. Anna Raadsveld in “LelleBelle”

Anna Raadsveld Fucking

3. Sybil Danning in “They’re Playing with Fire”

Sybil Danning Sex Scene

2. Eva Amurri in “Californication”

Eva Amurri Stripping

1. Alyssa Milano in “Poison Ivy 2”

Alyssa Milano Porn

Still can’t get enough naked teachers & students? Be sure to check out the full Nude Teachers & Students Playlist!


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