Gail Kim Nude Photo Leak

Pro Wrestling Star Gail Kim Nude Pics Leak

Gail Kim Nude Photo LeakWe’ve said for years that our readers absolutely love the women of wrestling, and in recent years they’ve been a huge part of a spree of celebrity nude leaks.  The latest wrestling female to have private nudes leak is Gail Kim, who took a very similar path to that of Mickie James – she posed nude in her younger days, went on to become a highly respected wrestler, then had nudes leak during the latter part of her career.

Gail Kim originally became a star in WWE, then left and help put the “Knockouts Division” on the map in TNA, returned to WWE for another run, then left and finished up her career just recently.  She may be in the spotlight more than ever now since she married celebrity chef Robert Irvine, who wasn’t exactly safe from this leak either!  That’s right, Robert Irvine shows the nasty things he likes to do to his wife Gail in these photos, just as we imagined he did.

So it seems Mr. and Mrs. Irvine were taking and sharing nude pics and videos, so at least all this sexy action was kept within the marriage…until now.  There’s even a video of Gail topless and talking to her husband, so apparently, it’s how a famous couple keeps things hot when they’re apart. So Gail Kim is a role model for long-distance couples – take boob pics and videos and your husband will remain happy.

The full leaked Gail Kim set features numerous shots of Gail topless, and one explicit photo demonstrating how her husband “finished” on her ass.  We’re hoping more pics surface since there isn’t a lot of Gail’s lower extremities thus far, but for now, you can check out the full Gail Kim leaked nudes on the usual leak forums.


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