The Top 10 WWE Wardrobe Malfunctions Caught on Camera

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Two years ago I wrote a column about the best “oops” moments on live TV in the WWE. It seemed to be a one off article to help out with the website but as time went on I started to miss writing. Now I’m back again with a bigger and more expansive top WWE wardrobe malfunctions caught on camera list.

#10 – Jackie Gayda

The attitude era was full of tits and ass but on this specific episode of Monday Night Raw, the camera caught a little extra.

Jackie Gayda Tit

#9 – Kaitlyn

AJ Lee was cutting a promo on Raw, putting down her former best friend. Finally Kaitlyn had had enough. She stormed the squared circle on a mission. Upon entering, she speared AJ but Lee was able to escape the ring. Upon turning around towards the camera, we found out that AJ wasn’t the only thing to escape. Kaitlyn’s breast had popped out of her top revealing her nipple.

Celeste Bonin Breast

#8 – Aaliyah

On an episode of Main Event, NXT Superstar Aaliyah had an opportunity of a lifetime due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She was called up to go one on one with the legendary Natalya. One thing she didn’t plan on was having a loose top.

NXT Aaliyah Breast

#7 – Sasha Banks

Following a slam to the mat, Sasha’s titty full on fell out of her top exposing her left breast. (From WrestleMania 35)

Sasha Banks Topless

#6 – Stephanie McMahon

Weddings have been synonymous within WWE over the years. Always billed as huge events within the company. This was no different when Triple H and Steph went to renew their vows on Raw. The ceremony was to be a beautiful event and the power couple was expecting their first child. Then right before the ceremony, Triple H received a phone call from Linda McMahon telling him Steph faked her pregnancy. Trips waited until the perfect moment during the wedding and delivered a punishing Pedigree. While Steph rolled in in pain on the mat, she delivered the goods.

Stephanie McMahon Breast

#5 – Sonya DeVille

Sonya may be one of the most underutilized members of the SmackDown roster. With an impressive moveset and good mic talents, she’s finally stepped out of the shadow of Mandy Rose. Recently in a match against Lacey Evans she showed us another impressive move by allowing a breast to be revealed while pinning the former #1 contender and US Marine.

The Top 10 WWE Wardrobe Malfunctions Caught on Camera

#4 – Dana Brooke

Even the simplest moves can turn into a bad situation. Sasha Banks proved this in a match against Dana Brooke. Setting up Brooke in a waist lock, Banks unintentionally pulled the top down on Dana to reveal her right breast.

Dana Brook Big Tit

#3 – Sasha Banks (Again)

The move was supposed to be a powerbomb by Natalya turned into a reversal by The Boss. The sequence went down as it was supposed to, at first. As Natalya hoisted Banks above her head, Sasha’s bottoms slipped down to reveal the Boss’s booty.

Sasha Banks Bare Ass

#2 – Carmella

Pinning combinations are the simplest way to defeat your opponent. Hit a mind-blowing finisher, render your opponent unconscious,and cover them for the 1-2-3. In this matter though Mella gave us the money as her nipple popped out of her outfit.

Carmella Boobs Exposed

#1 – Charlotte Flair

On an episode of Raw leading up to the triple threat main event of WrestleMania 35, Charlotte appeared in front of the camera to complain to Triple H. What she didn’t expect was we could see both breasts displayed through her sheer blouse and bra.

Charlotte Flair See-through Boobs

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