Melina Perez Nude Leak

Former WWE Star Melina Nude Pics Leak

Melina Perez Nude LeakYes, yet another addition to the list of recent leaked wrestling nudes and this time it’s former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion Melina Perez.  Melina was a star in WWE a few years back, holding both the Women’s and Divas Titles, but also stirred a fair share of controversy backstage. Melina nude pics were probably one of the most sought-after fantasies of many fans just a few years back when WWE still realized adults love hot women.

If you watched wrestling around the time of her WWE debut in 2005, you saw Melina as the manager for the team “MNM;” in real life, Melina was in a relationship with “Johnny Nitro” aka John Morrison aka “Johnny Mundo” from the team. That was all well and good until rumors surfaced that Melina was also hooking up with Batista backstage as well, which of course earned her a backstage reputation similar to that of Hall of Famer Sunny who had a similar backstage reputation in her day.

Once Melina got past all the drama (and back with Morrison, off and on at least for many years) Melina accomplished a lot as a wrestler in WWE and in recent years during her time away from the company, has still had a presence on social media and has kept wrestling for independent promotions.

The big question has always been, did Melina ever change her wild ways?  Well these Melina nude pics seem to tell us she still likes to get frisky, although it’s unclear when exactly these pics are from.  You may remember that just one Melina nude pic was part of the original “Fappening” celeb leak, but to us the pic wasn’t clear enough to 100% say they were her; in this new batch of Melina nudes, it’s definitely her, definitely naked.

Former WWE Star Melina Nude Pics Leak

Before the leaks, all we had seen is Melina topless in body paint from an old photoshoot, but these newly leaked pics leave nothing to the imagination.  For those of you that see Melina’s posts on social media, some of these pics seem similar to some of the humorous poses she does there, but then her clothes come off and all bets are off. Her big fake boobs are on display in quite a few of the pics, and we get some shots of that famous ass of hers in a thong.  One pic even looks like she’s doing the signature “Melina entrance pose” ….or at least that’s how we’re imagining it.

One more thing of note from these leaked Melina nude pics – a stripper pole appears in some of them…SO apparently whoever these pics were for at the time or whoever lived with her, may have got some live Melina strip shows in their life.   Whether these pics were taken for Morrison, Batista, or someone else, Melina has dropped all of our jaws now.  Melina Perez – another super hot and talented lady that WWE let go, too bad because she’s another star that definitely brings the sex appeal that WWE is missing now.

You can check out the full set of leaked Melina nude pics on various leak forums as they continue to circulate.


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