Original WWE Diva and Hall of Famer “Sunny” Porn Video Now Available

WWE Sunny Sex VideoIt’s a known fact here at NSFW Celebs that WWE Divas, past and present, are a highly popular topic and we especially love Divas that go on to take it all off once they get away from today’s family-friendly WWE.  Today we have news that almost any wrestling fan has probably seen coming for years, and that is the entrance of the original WWE Diva, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch into the world of porn.

A few years ago we posted a batch of nude Sunny pics that had been taken during her dark time away from WWE where drugs, alcohol, or whatever else she was into had really brought down the one time hottest celebrity on the Internet back around 1997.  There was a lot of disappointment since Tammy Sytch wasn’t the siren that was the teenage fantasy for millions during WWE’s “Attitude Era.”  After that dark period of time, Sunny had cleaned up her act, was making appearances on WWE TV again, and was even inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2011.

Over the past few years, it appears that Sunny has gone downhill once again as multitudes of arrests, DUIs, and even jail time has kept her in the headlines, and now the original WWE Diva is making a move that would’ve literally blown the Internet up 20 years ago, now it might be nothing more than a financial fix…..then again, seeing Sunny get nasty might still have some nostalgic value for fans that they thought they’d never see it.

The release of the Sunny Sex tape has been built up for years now, with our friends at Vivid making multiple offers it seems, but nothing ever coming to fruition.  Finally a few weeks ago, Sunny revealed on her social media channels that she would be selling her WWE Hall of Fame Ring, and Vivid came back offering to buy it if she would finally agree to get naked and nasty.  As it turns out, this was all some sort of publicity stunt as just days after the offer, Vivid announced Tammy Sytch had signed to do a porn and already had a trailer available.  The whole thing was obviously already shot, produced, and ready to be promoted all over the Internet.

Original WWE Diva and Hall of Famer “Sunny” Porn Video Now Available

Aptly titled “Sunny Side Up,” Tammy Sytch’s first porn video gives you just about every sex act you can think of, and “in through the backdoor” is a majorly selling point of the tape.  Of course Sunny doesn’t have the body she did in the 90s, so she leaves a bit of lingerie on throughout the video – most likely to hide her imperfections so to speak.  If any of you have heard Sunny talk in wrestling shoot interviews over the years, you know she isn’t shy about the topic of sex, and she lives up to her nasty nature in the video.

Of course, now that she has one porn tape under her belt, Sunny is already being asked what she’ll do next porn-wise; on some days it seems like she won’t do another, and on other days she’s making headlines on TMZ as she’s challenged fellow WWE turned porn star Chyna to join her in her next sex tape…..we’re not even sure what to say about that idea.

This move will undoubtedly keep her from being part of WWE ever again, so making a go of this porn career will probably be the best option financially for Tammy Sytch.  So if you are one of the Attitude Era fans that fantasized about watching Sunny strip down and do every nasty thing your mind could think of, the Sunny sex tape is available now to fulfill those dreams (kind of.)

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