WWE Diva Melina Topless Pics in Body Paint

Wrestling Melina NudesChristmas comes a little late for WWE Diva fans – over the past few years we’ve become a headquarters for WWE Diva nudity.  We’ve featured multiple posts on Mickie James’ porn past, another favorite has been former Diva Candice Michelle getting naked in all sorts of girl on girl scenes, and we even featured a post on current RAW Diva Maryse nude.  Sadly, we’ve never uncovered much on RAW Diva Melina Perez….that is until now.

Right now Melina is the happy good girl on RAW but when she first debuted with the team “MNM” years ago, she got everybody’s attention with her split leg entrance that gave us a couple of years worth of ass and crotch shots every time she got in the ring and she was usually in a little mini skirt to boot!  Well now WWE is PG and Melina is the good girl, but we’ve uncovered some pics that remind us what the bad Melina was all about.  It seems in her early days prior to WWE, like many divas, Melina did some modeling….including these great topless pics, with her boobs covered in body paint but completely visible, nipple and all.  Melina has a Christmas theme going on fittingly enough, and her boobs have some festive paint going on to fit the theme.

These pics have been debated as to whether there is actual body paint on her tits, or if the paint was photoshopped on after, considering her big fake boobs are completely visible.  The pics were probably taken not long before Melina’s WWE debut, as many of the girls get their boobs done to meet WWE Diva standards.  This may be the first and only look we get at Melina’s boobs, since WWE doesn’t have their divas posing nude in Playboy anymore, but we can now say we’ve at least seen her tits, perfect for the holiday season.

WWE Diva Melina Topless Pics in Body Paint WWE Diva Melina Topless Pics in Body Paint WWE Diva Melina Topless Pics in Body Paint

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