Returning WWE Stars Scarlett Bordeaux and “B-Fab” are Both on OnlyFans

WWE Stars on OnlyFans
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WWE has recently seen the biggest shakeup in company history, and while many are happy to see the women getting more spotlight, we’re also hoping they get a lot more freedom. Case in point, during the time “The Smokeshow” Scarlett Bordeaux and Briana “B-Fab” Brandy were released, both joined OnlyFans. Now such a move is great on all accounts, but what happens now that they are back with WWE?

Some may recall that WWE banned their talent from having personal accounts on platforms like Twitch and Cameo which caused quite a stir at the time. Now with the company under new management, will the female Superstars have the opportunity to make more money on platforms like OnlyFans if they wish?

The good news is, so far both Scarlett and B-Fab have continued posting on their respective OnlyFans pages following their returns to WWE TV. Scarlett’s time on OnlyFans has been decent, with her providing sexy content, but not the all-out nudity a lot had hoped for. B-Fab on the other hand has taken a bit of a different approach, posting spicy and seductive content of her own while also bringing in other ladies to go fully nude as she keeps at least some clothing on.

Hopefully soon, we’ll wake up to the news that other WWE females have joined OnlyFans without restriction, instead of news that Scarlett and B-Fab had to close their pages. Actually current star Shotzi has appeared on other ladies’ OnlyFans pages (with clothes on, for now at least,) and judging by many of her social media posts it seems like Natalya is just aching to do so, especially after her sister Jenni joined and is seeing a lot of success by getting naked on her page.

For the time being, you can check out Scarlett Bordeaux on OnlyFans at: and Briana “B-Fab” Brandy at:

**UPDATE** Sadly, both ladies OnlyFans pages have now been shut down.

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