The 10 Most Revealing Oops Moments in WWE TV History

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Since I could walk, I’ve been saying my prayers and eating my vitamins. Sitting in front of the TV on Monday night trying to decide if I was going to watch WWE or WCW became a religion. Good versus Evil, babyface versus heel are the staples of the professional wrestling world, but watching wrestling for over 30 years has led me to one thing that has changed drastically. The evolution and talent of the women superstar.

Way back when, we had the legends like Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young who in their time had extraordinary talent. They evolved into Bull Nakano, Wendy Richter, and Alundra Blayze.

Women’s wrestling fizzled out in the mid 90s. It was hardly ever seen on WWE television. Then the attitude era happened. Every week we were shown scantily clad beautiful big tittied women stripping down. And who could forget the bra and panties matches?!?!

For many years, the women, or “divas” of the WWE served as filler and eye candy. This continued on until 2014 when the women of NXT made their mark on the world. Since then, the Divas turned to Women, and a revolution began. The face of women’s wrestling was turned on its head. The sexual eye candy, turned into wrestling eye candy.

The sexual exposure and scantily clad women of wrestling is a thing of the past, But that doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen. The following top 11 list is dedicated to the most oops moments in WWE TV.

Honorable Mention
Rosa Mendes gets pantsed – Main Event

WWE Rosa Mendes Bare Ass

10. Michelle McCool boob slips out

Michelle McCool Boob

#9 Mickie James pops out – SmackDown 2017

Mickie James Boob

#8 Lita uncovers herself

Lita WWE Topless

#7 Charlotte gets disarmed and slips a nip

Charlotte Flair Breast

#6 Ruby Riott forgets her underwear

Ruby Riott Nudity

#5 Nikki Bella nipple slip

Nikki Bella Boobs

#4 Stephanie McMahon gets a lesson in pedigree

Stephanie McMahon Topless

#3 Natty shows off the naughty

Natalya Vagina

#2 No one was ready for Asuka’s nipple

WWE Asuka Nipple

#1 Brie’s diva totally pops out

Brie Bella Boobs

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