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Brie Bella (real name Brianna Monique Garcia ((now Danielson)) is a WWE Hall of Famer alongside her twin sister Nikki, known as “The Bella Twins.”

The Bella Twins debuted on WWE programming in 2008, at a time when the women wrestlers in the company were still known as “Divas.” Sadly, WWE had just entered the “PG Era” which meant that these sexy new twins had to keep their clothes on and weren’t part of the previous era’s “Bra and Panties” matches.

Nonetheless, The Bella Twins had a sexy vibe about them and they undoubtedly would’ve been bigger stars out the gate had they been a part of the Attitude Era and even WWE’s partnership with Playboy.

When the twins left briefly left WWE in 2012, it was apparent that they knew how to market themselves as they opened their own website that featured sexy and risque photos of the sisters, giving us a glimpse of how they openly hung out in their underwear and bikinis together. Of course, the even wilder stories about the twins were about the times cameras weren’t rolling, but the Nicole and Briana website at least gave us a glimpse of how wild the sisters really were.

In 2013, the Bellas came back to WWE, but with one noticeable difference that finally made them distinguishable – Nikki suddenly had big fake tits. Suddenly it seemed like there was variety in your choice of Bella, with Nikki likely being the more sexual sister since she loved showing off her huge boobs, although, it was Brie who actually had a highly memorable wardrobe malfunction as her nipple was completely exposed live on RAW during the announcement of the new reality show “Total Divas.”

Total Divas became a reality TV hit, and this was where we began to see that Brie had a wild side too. “Brie Mode” became a thing, and involved Brie getting drunk and throwing back to her more wild days, even though she was already in a relationship with now-husband Bryan Danielson. So when we established that both Bellas had a wild side, you had Nikki with a tattoo on her ass and big fake boobs or Brie with tattoos in her vagina area and smaller boobs.

That was until Brie got pregnant, and suddenly we had a real choice on our hands – Nikki and her implants or Brie with her suddenly huge natural mom boobs – talk about a win-win.

Brie and Nikki have both retired from the ring, but Brie has had a second child which means even more improvement to her natural tits, and an ongoing NSFW study on who reigns as the better of the Bella boobs.  Brie may seem like a settled-down (sexy) wife and mom now, but something about her vibe still tells us she’s an absolute freak in the sheets and Bryan Danielson remains a very lucky man.

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