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The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, are WWE Hall of Famers and stars of the reality TV shows Total Divas and Total Bellas.

Nicole and Brianna Garcia-Colace debuted on WWE TV in 2008, with Brie being seen first before the big reveal that she actually had a twin sister that was helping her in matches. “Twin magic” put the Bella Twins on the map as two sexy new stars in the “WWE Divas” era.

The Bellas actually left WWE in 2012 and created their own website where they posted sexy photos, long before OnlyFans was even a thought. When they returned to WWE in 2013, Nikki and Brie were suddenly easier to tell apart, probably because Nikki suddenly had much bigger boobs. Yes, Nikki has become well known for her pride in her fake tits, and we’ve never seen anything wrong with that!

Once the Bellas became reality TV stars, they even briefly feuded against each other on WWE TV, but sadly their feud missed the bra and panties era. While Nikki became a singles star, Brie became a mom in 2017 and suddenly had a natural pair of bigger tits.

These days both Bella Twins are moms and we continue to enjoy viewing their MILF bodies as they proudly show them off regularly on social media. While the twins have probably become too big of stars for a platform like OnlyFans, we’re still holding out that someone will shell out enough cash to get them to pose fully nude at some point.

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