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Nikki Bella is a WWE Hall of Famer and two-time Divas Champion, a title she held longer than anyone. Along with her sister Brie, The Bella Twins were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the 2020 class.

“Fearless Nikki” really broke out on her own when she became a singles competitor, or maybe it was when she got breast implants and her new big tits differentiated her from her sister. Suddenly the hot twins who were anything but shy before had one sister with big tits she loved showing off and hence Nikki became “the one with big boobs.”

The Bella Twins “brand” really took off when the reality show “Total Divas” became a hit and offered even more chances to see Nikki show off her boobs. When Brie Bella got pregnant for the first time, the Bella boob evolution progressed further as we had mom boobs vs. fake boobs to compare. When Nikki also got pregnant, the Bella boob bonanza went to the next level and we haven’t looked back since.

Nikkia Bella’s biggest spotlight probably came from her relationship with John Cena which was well-documented on Total Divas, but the relationship ended shortly after their public WrestleMania engagement. Nikki ended up having a kid with her “Dancing with the Stars” partner Artem Chigvintsev, and it’s not hard to see why sparks flew any time Nikki shows off her pre OR post-baby body.

The fact that Nikki loves showing off her body has remained true for years, with Nikki even having her big boobs pop out and exposing her nipple during an Instagram live, while other times she just posts the barely-there lingerie she wears which usually exposes much if not all of her ass. We’re hoping posing nude or some leaked content (because she definitely gives the vibes that she takes nudes) would take Nikki’s NSFW game to the next level.

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