Christina Aguilera Kicks Off the New Year with a Bath and a Boob Flash

Christina Aguilera Bath

We always love to see one of our classic celebs from the early days of the site still showing the goods and realizing what helped get them where they are. Christina Aguilera was one of the pop princesses of the 90s but always made sure things stayed a bit “dirty” if you will, which separated her from the pack. Here we are all these years later and “Xtina” is a mom of two, yet still realizes that we all want to see her tits.

Of course, Christina went through a few image changes over the years with a few maybe even trying to appear more wholesome, but as proof in the video posted below, Christina always gets back to being her true self. Over the years we’ve seen everything from Christina posing nude while pregnant to even leaked private pics which proved she likes to get naked when she thinks no one is looking as well.

But now 2020 is over and Christina Aguilera is kicking off the new year by letting us watch her take a bath. While such a video should be about 20 minutes in our head, this is just a few clipped shots of Christina popping champagne in the tub while covering her boobs…until she’s not. It seems that Christina masterfully realized that just a quick nipple flash would have all eyes back on her so that’s exactly what we have here.

Many may say Christina has changed too much or had work done that hasn’t kept her look from 1999 or so intact, but we can’t complain about her showing off her big mom boobs at age 40. Some may also say this is just a way to promote new music – if so, kudos Christina, you are an expert marketer.

The video below was posted on Christina’s social media accounts, proving that even Instagram may look the other way if it’s a Christina Aguilera nipple peek:

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