Christina Aguilera Leaked Nude Pics

Christina Aguilera Nude Leak

I am officially labeling what we are going through as “celebrity leaked nude pic season.”  Never before have we had this many great leaked pics.  We have featured the Jessica Alba leaked topless pics, then we had the very hot Kat Dennings leaked topless pics, and today we have another major star with mega hot leaked pics.

Christina Aguilera has had tons of sexy pics over the years and usually, they are just enough of a tease to keep us wanting more.  Well, these pics give us a lot of what we’ve been waiting for, Christina is pretty much nude and showing a LOT.  We’ve got a couple of pics here that are see-through and totally show her boobs, and the real money shots are in the weird dance costume that covers nothing.  In those pics, Christina tries covering her nipples, but we still see just about all of her boobs and her vagina is pretty much out in the open too.

There has of course been speculation on these pics really being Christina, but the speculation is due to Christina being in her natural state without make-up, but all the physical features match right up and there is even picture proof that these were taken in Christina’s closet which has been featured in magazines in the past.  So enjoy knowing you can enjoy these great Christina Aguilera leaked nude pics over at the Famous Board.

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