The “World’s Hottest Weather Girl” Yanet Garcia Joins OnlyFans

Yanet Garcia OnlyFans
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The OnlyFans movement has given us a new avenue in the past year that we never thought possible. The site has literally made fantasies come true as more and more celebrities continue to join and provide their fans with the nudity they’ve always wished for.

Today we’re going International as Yanet Garcia aka “The World’s Hottest Weather Girl” has officially announced she is now on OnlyFans.

If you’ve ever wondered if weather forecasts would be more interesting if a smoking hot model was providing them, Yanet Garcia made it clear that the answer was a resounding YES. She literally became a phenomenon as the weather girl for Televisa Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico simply by being so hot. So of course the next fantasy question is “will the world’s hottest weather girl ever get naked?”

While Yanet Garcia quit her weather girl job in 2019 and has since moved to the U.S., her transition has been a good one as she has over 13 million followers on Instagram and is involved in numerous other projects. So with all that popularity, it makes sense to cash in on OnlyFans since people obviously want to see even more of Yanet Garcia. Yanet seems to be excited about her OnlyFans decision as she posted this great hype video on her Instagram this week to make the official announcement:

As you can see from the above, whether it’s in her role as weather girl, fitness guru, model, or even actress, Yanet Garcia is a star and she’s yet another name we’re thrilled to see on OnlyFans. Speaking of her fitness, there have been rumors of Yanet having surgery over the years since she just seems too hot to be natural. Luckily that debate can go deeper now since she’s gladly showing off her famous ass on OnlyFans and possibly proving that her hard work in the gym is how she reached her jaw-dropping level of sexy.

So will Yanet Garcia go fully nude on OnlyFans? Will she at least go topless? These are the questions we can’t wait to see answered and you can keep up by following Yanet Garcia at

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