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Fergie named Blender’s Woman of the Year! Here’s the Cover! *Updated with More Pics!*

Fergie has had her breakout year in 2007 and Blender is recognizing her many accomplishments by naming her the woman of the year, and she is the cover girl for the January/February 2008 issue. She delivers a


Beyoncé recently spread em on stage at a recent performance and the front row got more than an eyeful as she seemingly wore underwear too small to contain her, and thus Beyoncé fans got to catch a

Eva Mendes Would Rather Go Naked! Bares Her Nude Ass for PETA Ad!

We’ve become huge supporters of PETA as of late, since besides doing all the good cause stuff with animals and all, its given us a new avenue to get hot famous people naked! Sure some will just

New Jennifer Love Hewitt Bikini Beach Candids, with a Double Order of ASS!

It’s been a few years now and just about every Jennifer Love Hewitt fan out there has been waiting for her to get naked or topless or show a nipple, SOMEthing. Well no luck movie wise, but

Paris Hilton’s New Sex Tape, or Naked in a Bath Tape!

News broke today that Paris Hilton has yet another sex tape on the way…..well we’ve got the video right here for our readers but after viewing it, it’s really not a sex tape – sure it’s a Paris

Angelina Jolie Nude Pics from Beowulf

Well this isn’t your normal every day post of “Nude pics from a movie.” Angelina Jolie gets naked in the currently hot topic in movies, Beowulf. But being Beowulf is animated, although its really realistic animation and

Caps From the New Kim Kardashian Sex Tape…Who Needs Playboy?!

Well Kim Kardashians new sex tape “Superstar 2” has officially been released. While it’s basically just an “Uncut” type version of the first tape, not everyone will be pleased we’re sure, but if you just want more