Olivia Munn Nude Pics Leaked!?

Olivia Munn Leaked NudesIt’s time once again for one of the monumental nude pic leak controversies that stir up scandal, denials, but more than anything else a sense of joy.  And it’s all even better when it’s a celebrity like Olivia Munn that has held out on getting naked for years, only giving us slight teases like going nude for Peta, or even her disappointing spread in Playboy!

So the story is these pics were somehow “leaked” on the net, and were very obviously meant for the eyes of a guy named “Chris” as there are plenty of dirty messages written on them for this guy.  So TMZ was the first to post claim from sources “extremely close to Munn” that the nude pics are not real.  But compare some of these pics and you will see that the bodies are so similar it isn’t even funny.  And in the pics with Munn’s face, you can tell the outfits she’s wearing in some of them are from her 2010 Maxim Shoot.  So there is no question that some of these pics are legit because we can plainly see it’s Olivia, just like the pic on the right.  But somehow she expects us to believe the completely nude pic isn’t her?  Hmm.  If you are a believer, then one of the pics is the first time we’re seeing Olivia Munn’s boobs and pussy in clear view, which is cause for a NSFW holiday!

There is a ton of investigation and comparisons going on to prove the pics legitimacy, and while these pics are under the “alleged” category since she is denying them, you can compare for yourself and gather your own opinion.  These are some red hot pics with some dirty messages apparently for whatever guy she is/was banging.  How the sexy ALMOST naked pics which clearly show her face that have never been seen until now are legit, but the nude ones aren’t, we don’t know.  From what we’re seeing, our opinion is we are finally seeing Olivia Munn completely nude, and we like it.

Olivia has been pushing the release of a new movie lately, wonder if that could have anything to do with this?  Hmm, smart.  Real or somehow fake?  What do you think?