WWE Diva Eva Marie Nude

WWE Diva Eva Marie Nude Pics from Pre-WWE Photo Shoot

WWE Diva Eva Marie NudeOne of the very first things that caught everyone’s eye when we first got a look at the WWE “Total Divas” show on A&E was the new red haired, mega-hot Diva that would be making her debut on the show.

Eva Marie’s look alone garnered much attention, and even more when she debuted on RAW by slapping the taste out of Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler’s mouth.  Since then she has been aligned with fellow “Total Divas” The Bella Twins on TV, but hasn’t seen a lot of action in the ring.  Luckily, our main question has been answered….and yes she got a little naked before joining WWE!

When the first episode of Total Divas aired, the “storyline” so to speak was that Eva Marie looked too much like a Bella with brunette hair and needed a change.  I think we all know that WWE knew what they had on their hands, but the big change to red hair was what really ignited Eva Marie’s look and garnered even more interest in her.

Of course she has a bit of a modeling past, sometimes using her full name (Natalie Eva Marie Nelson) in her modeling work.  Surprisingly it took a while for the Internet investigators to hunt down the goods on Eva Marie, but good is most definitely the word in these pics that have been uncovered.

This collection has a variety of hot pics including some that show Eva Marie’s naked ass, and a few topless shots that only lack a great money nipple shot.  It may be because she is so stunning, but we really didn’t realize that Eva Marie had such a nice pair of big tits before seeing these photos!  She also rocks some VERY low bikini bottoms that gets as close as you can get to a pussy shot without seeing it all.  Overall, a super hot collection of pics that really makes us wish WWE would let the Divas show skin like they used to.  At least we now have this awesome hot collection of Eva Marie’s boobs, ass, legs etc. on display:

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