The Classic Trish Stratus Breasts in a Wet T-Shirt Video is Here!

Trish Stratus ToplessWWE Diva fans rejoice – today we are featuring what is most likely THE hottest WWE Diva video ever shot and we’re sure you WWE fans will agree.  We not only miss Trish Stratus being in WWE, but we miss the raunchy WWE that actually let the Divas show some skin and do sexy videos like this and a little more adult-type content.

Trish is arguably the most popular WWE Diva of all time, and also arguably the hottest; she’s made big waves by making sexy videos and photoshoots like this, but then actually learning to wrestle and becoming one of the best women wrestlers in history as well. This classic video we’re featuring is from one of the Divas home videos released around the year 2000 right when Trish was coming into the world of wrestling, straight from the world of fitness modeling.

Of course, all the divas did some hot bikini shoots and some were pretty risque, but none compared to Trish putting on a white t-shirt and white thong then hosing herself down. The other divas had cleavage, asses in thongs, etc., but Trish hosed down her white shirt and her boobs were totally exposed, almost as good as being straight up topless. Of course, her white thong got soaked too, so we even get to see through and by looking close you might even get a glimpse of some vagina/landing strip. Oh, how we miss the WWE Attitude Era!

This video we’re featuring is probably better than what was released on the video which was edited into a highlight-type video, but this video is an actual raw video of the shoot and the cameraman here makes sure to cover everything as he gets shots of Trish Stratus’s boobs with nipples/areola completely visible, then down to her wet panties, then all the way down her legs and feet so everyone’s different favorite areas are totally covered. But probably the most featured part is the breasts, they’re just right there to see and they weren’t seen like this again in Trish’s WWE career. Trish got more modest and focused more on being a good wrestler toward the end of her career, but this video let people know that she was on the WWE scene and not afraid to wet herself down and show her tits.

We really can’t say enough about the hotness of this video, but it’s one of the most sought-after WWE Diva videos on the net, and for good reason. In today’s era of TV-PG WWE, you will never see a Diva purposely wet her t-shirt so fans can see her tits, but Trish Stratus made her mark and this video set a standard that still holds up today. This video is the closest we’ll ever get to seeing Trish Stratus naked now that she’s moved on to owning her own yoga studio and hosting her own travel shows among other projects, but we thank Trish Stratus for this video that always reminds us how hot a WWE Diva SHOULD be.

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