Alecia Moore Pink Naked

Alecia Moore aka Pink Topless Pics

Alecia Moore Pink NakedWe don’t usually find many things like this that slip past our radar.  We have come across some pics of singer Pink completely topless, posing for a book of pics for photographer Bryan Adams.

Apparently, these pics are about 3 years old but was the first we’ve heard of Pink posing topless.  Even though they may be a bit old, we aim to deliver the goods and make sure our readers get to see all the hot celebs naked, so we’re featuring these pics.  Pink’s always been a rough type of girl.  For many people, she was so rough she was almost masculine.  Over the years, it seems like Pink has gotten a little more feminine, and she impressed many with her performance this year at the VMA’s, complete with her tit exposed and only covered with body paint.

Well, now we can say that while we’ve always known Pink’s had a rocking body in her revealing outfits, we have now seen her naked tits and they are quite nice. Also, we can now confirm that Pink has pierced nipples as well.  Little bar right through the nips, fitting touch for Pink indeed.  And we’ve also included a bonus…an older pic of Pink exposing her tit and showing off her nipple piercing.  Pink’s boobs are the theme of the day no doubt.

Alecia Moore aka Pink Topless Pics Alecia Moore aka Pink Topless Pics


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