Carmen Electra Sex Tape on the Way…Preview Video Leaked

Carmen Electra Porn

Good news to report today…we have what appears to be another celebrity sex tape on the way, and finally, it involves a name we actually WANT to see in a sex tape and not someone we have to Google just to find out who the hell they are.

Now while this does look like one of those sex tapes that was made for the very purpose of being “leaked,”  it features Carmen Electra so all is well.  Carmen Electra has posed naked in magazines, done some cheesy nude scenes in movies, showed her boobs at Vegas shows, and even rode the Sybian on Howard Stern, but acted like she was too much of a good girl to go all the way and ride it to the point of orgasm.  The common factor in all this, is while we’ve seen Carmen Electra nude plenty of times and while we know deep down she’s the wild and freaky type, we’ve never got to see her go all out…until HOPEFULLY now.

This sex tape involves Carmen Electra…..and another girl!  Finally, a sex tape done right.  We say we’ll HOPEfully get to see Carmen go all out down and dirty because the tape does look to have a ton of potential, but doesn’t really reveal how far the tape will go.  We see girl-on-girl make out, we see a little stripping, we see Carmen’s boobs briefly, but nothing on the preview says we’ll see full-on porn action.

Hopefully, we get to see the full tape soon, and hopefully, we get to see a fully nude Carmen Electra doing all kinds of sexual deeds with another girl.  Here is the preview video and let it stand as proof to all celebs that making a sex tape DOES get your name back out in the mainstream (especially when done with another girl.)

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