Carmen Electra Joins OnlyFans

Carmen Electra Joins OnlyFans
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It was just a couple of months ago that we acknowledged Carmen Electra as a certified NSFW legend after she wore a completely-through dress at the age of 49, showing us her body is as great as it ever was. At the time, we posted that Carmen seemed ready to start getting naked again, and now, she’s taken the next step to solidify her NSFW icon status by opening an OnlyFans.

At 50 years old, Carmen Electra is once again proving it’s never too late to give fans what they’ve craved from her for almost 30 years – especially when she’s barely changed. From initial interviews, it sounded like Carmen was happy to be opening an OF and running it how she saw fit, noting that in the past she had others directing shoots or having her “cover up” certain body parts. At the same time, Carmen noted that her pics would be “classy,” which had us worried that she may only post bikini pics and the like.

Thankfully, as news of Carmen’s OnlyFans hit the headlines today, we can confirm she’s already telling fans she’ll be “baring it all” and already has posts with nipple slips and another describing a “full frontal” shot. How explicit these will get remain to be seen, but we consider this a good start as far as giving fans what they want to see.

Now the next question will be, how far will Carmen go? Way back in 2009, there was a Carmen Electra lesbian sex tape preview leaked, but that turned out to be a joke. Here we are in 2022, and Carmen in some real girl-girl content still sounds like huge OnlyFans money. Even some solo content with Carmen getting sexy by herself would be great, and we have a feeling that even if things start out a bit tame, the thought of doubling and tripling her income may be enough to entice her to go further (let’s hope)

You can check out Carmen Electra’s Onlyfans and subscribe for free at:

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