Carmen Electra Rides the Sybian on Howard Stern

Carmen Electra SybianYes the next installment of our Howard Stern Sybian series features arguably the most famous name to ride the sybian (some may say Jenna Jameson is the most famous,) but Carmen is definitely one of the top names.

The only problem with Carmen Electra’s Sybian ride compared to the others we’ve featured is that Howard isn’t able to get her to strip down first and had to convince her that big names like Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts had rode the Sybian too, which Carmen believed after a simple “no really (insert big name actress) did!” type convincing. So although it’s not a naked Sybian ride, the crew still convinces Carmen to ride and turn it up to level 10 which Carmen admits could get her to orgasm, but she shuts things down before she goes all out and lets it happen.

Howard is obviously disappointed but I guess there is some satisfaction in getting a bigger name celebrity to get on the Sybian and nearly get off. Not much else to say about this one, so enjoy Carmen Electra getting turned on by the Sybian:

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