Jenna Jameson Orgasm

Jenna Jameson Rides the Sybian and Has an Orgasm on Howard Stern

Lately, we’ve realized that a lot of our visitors have been checking out a post we did about a year ago on Leticia Cline getting naked and riding the Sybian on Howard Stern. In the video, stern talks Cline, who has appeared in Playboy, Maxim, and on TNA Wrestling among other various projects into stripping down to only a thong then riding the Sybian to the point of orgasm.

Well since the post was a hit, we figure we’ll feature more of Stern’s Sybian rides and why not kick off by featuring the queen of all porn, Jenna Jameson. No surprise, but it doesn’t seem like Howard had near as much trouble getting Jenna on the Sybian as she was ready and willing to strip down to her thong and hop on – even going as far as knowing just where to place herself so the “good parts” were in the right places.

Come to think of it, the whole idea of riding the Sybian is most likely owed to Jenna who sat on a vibrating speaker and got off on Howard Stern’s movie “Private Parts” back in 1997.  As you’ll see in the video, Jenna rides the Sybian to the point of orgasm and Howard Stern’s crew once again gets their jollies off. Now anyone that has watched porn has seen Jenna Jameson get pounded every which way and seen every inch of her body and then some, but I guess it’s just different when it’s live radio and there’s a vibrating toy involved in a more realistic setting than an overacted porn, so this video will no doubt be enjoyable for Jenna Jameson fans.


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