Renee Young Boobs Ass

WWE Announcer Renee Young Ass and Boobs Show from Total Divas

Renee Young Boobs AssWhile the women of WWE have undoubtedly been one of the most popular topics since this site’s existence, announcer Renee Young (real name Renee Paquette) is probably the least likely female from WWE that we thought we would be posting on.

It’s not that Renee Young isn’t hot, it’s just that she comes across as more spunky and the “cool girl” if you will rather than the type that would wear skimpy outfits and show skin; that has apparently all changed now that she is a cast member on the hit E series “Total Divas.”

When Renee Young joined WWE, she seemed to have the reputation of being a legit sports broadcaster that could even hold her own on or ESPN or a similar environment.  Over the past few years, Renee has kept up that image as she has hosted and done backstage interviews for numerous WWE events and always seemed prepared and informed, which added to the feeling that she was the hot girl that we would never see get overly sexy.

This thought process again changed when word leaked that Renee was actually dating WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose in real life…it seemed maybe Renee did have a bit of a wild side we had yet to see.

When it was announced that Renee would be added to the cast of Total Divas, it definitely seemed a bit odd mainly because Renee doesn’t have big fake boobs to show off like her castmates Eva Marie, Maryse, or Nikki Bella, but then again Renee did bring her own hot diversity to balance things out.

So imagine the surprise when on a recent episode, Renee not only stripped down to a skimpy bikini while at the beach with her boyfriend Dean Ambrose, the bikini actually turned out to be a bit too small and we got great views of her ass in what basically turned into a thong, and a great view of her boobs as well, as she was bent over and the cameras seemed to love every bit of it as her nipples almost spilled out.

This was some of the best skin we’ve seen shown on Total Divas, probably because it came from such an unlikely source.  The show will definitely continue pulling in great ratings if they can get Renee Young to keep stripping her clothes off – and now that Renee is also becoming involved in WWE storylines on Smackdown, her star will likely rise even more.

Be sure to watch Total Divas on E every Wednesday at 9 PM Eastern for far more skin than we get to see on WWE TV:


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