Valerie Loureda Member Site

New WWE Signee Valerie Loureda Has a Member Site for Nudes

Valerie Loureda Member Site

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WWE is celebrating their latest signee today, MMA star Valerie “Master” Loureda. We are celebrating the fact that like many other MMA and pro wrestling women, Valerie currently has a member site for nude content.

WWE is touting their signing of Valerie and they obviously know the 23-year-old Cuban-American is visually appealing, but we feel they’ll be putting an end to her site since they would have to give all the ladies under contract the freedom to also get naked.

As for Valerie’s member site itself, we’re actually surprised it wasn’t taken down before the announcement of her signing. Over the past year, Valerie has posted numerous nudes including pics and videos of her bare ass, topless boobs, and extreme thong shots with pussy slips aplenty. It’s actually been refreshing to see so many women from MMA being allowed to have these types of sites on the side if they choose to.

As of this writing, you can still check out WWE/NXT’s latest star Valerie Loureda nude on her member site at


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