Mandy Rose Member Site

WWE Star Mandy Rose Opens Member Site for Nudes

Mandy Rose Member Site

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New horizons may be upon us regarding sexy content from the women of wrestling thanks to current WWE NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose. Rose has opened her own member site and we can confirm she has begun posting nudes.

How is this even possible for a current WWE Superstar you ask? Well, we found ourselves asking the same. After all, we reported a couple of months ago how shocked we were that Scarlett Bordeaux and B-Fab kept their OnlyFans pages open even after their WWE returns. Sadly, both have since closed their pages. The general understanding was that WWE talent wasn’t allowed to be on any third-party platforms, but that was before Vince McMahon retired, so Mandy Rose now having a member site with nudity is a major eye-opening move in more ways than one.

When we first read the news that Mandy was opening a member site, our very first thought was “oh, another one of those pages that with Instagram-level pics with swimsuit/lingerie content. In the beginning, that’s pretty much what Mandy was providing, but in recent weeks, Mandy has turned up the heat exponentially.

After posing some very nice ass shots in tiny thongs, Mandy Rose officially showed off her bare ass and even a few peeks at her nipples in recent posts. With descriptions like “both nips out” and “naked in the shower,” Mandy Rose has broken boundaries when it comes to current WWE talent who want to show their sexy side.

So how is this even possible? Why are talents like Scarlett and B-Fab closing their OnlyFans while Mandy Rose can open a page and get naked on it? Our only guess is that Mandy’s site isn’t tied to a domain platform like OF but rather has her own domain “” which connects to her page on FanTime. FanTime obviously allows nudity unlike some of the other platforms which push the “paid Instagram” type content. Also, Mandy is using her real name which also may be a factor in talent being allowed to post this sort of content as long as they aren’t using their WWE-copyrighted name.

So if WWE is indeed allowing their talent to pose nude content on their own domain sites, Mandy Rose has set a path that any other talent should be able to follow. There should be nothing stopping a Bayley /Bianca Belair/Alexa Bliss etc. from opening pages and posting sexy content that includes nudity if they choose to.

Our next question is, if Mandy is already getting naked on her page, how far will she go? Could we get full-frontal nudity or even explicit videos from her soon? You can subscribe to Mandy Rose’s exclusive content page at


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