TNA Knockout Brooke “Tessmacher” Adams Nude in “Bikini Destinations”

Brooke Adams Nude VideoToday we bring you nudity from one of the ever-popular women of wrestling.  This time it’s TNA Impact’s Brooke Adams aka Brooke Tessmacher.  WWE fans may even remember Brooke Adams as a short-lived WWE Diva in the “Extreme Expose” group with Kelly Kelly and Layla.

On recent editions of TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV, Tessmacher and other Knockouts have been placed in risque lingerie matches and bikini car wash fights.  Tessmacher and her “TNT” tag team partner Tara voiced their opinions online that they were wrestlers and did not enjoy partaking in the scantily clad matches, with Tessmacher pointing out that she likes to keep her modeling and wrestling separate.  Keep in mind this is coming from Tessmacher and Tara who kiss each other on the lips as part of their entrance, and in the case of Tessmacher, rubs her ass in her opponent’s face as one of her signature moves.

Well for being such an athlete and not wanting to show any skin, Brooke Tessmacher sure is very naked in the video below!  As we already know Brooke did a lot of modeling in her years before becoming a wrestler, but in “Bikini Destinations: Triple Fantasy,” she’s straight-up nude on the beach and giving us a major eyeful of her bare boobs.  Not only that but as we are looking at her naked ass, she explains that she’s always had a great ass and it’s her best feature.  Not bad at all for such a “conservative” wrestling Knockout.

TNA Wrestling seems to be realizing that female wrestlers are great and all, but there is a big audience that also wants to see them take it all off.  The lingerie and bikini matches will give fans something WWE won’t right now, so it’s a smart move.  Certain female wrestlers can complain about it and talk about how they want to be wrestlers, not strippers or models, but the video below may tell you different:

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