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Hilary Duff Bikini Pics That Leave Little to the Imagination

It seems like it was just yesterday that Hilary Duff was the latest “in” Disney Girl that was plastered all over every piece of “Lizzy McGuire” merchandise that the company could market and was seemingly bound to

Fergie Officially Enters Into the Bikini MILF War

The holidays are barely over but the celebrities are already heading for warmer ground so they can strip their clothing off; we just reported on Hilary Duff’s barely there bikini and how she has suddenly become one

Mariah Carey Suffers a Nipple Slip at the Beach in Hawaii

Since around the early 90s, Mariah Carey has seemed to evolve from just a legendary singer to gradually getting sexier over time…in an almost innocent way initially.  Over the years Mariah’s innocently sexy vibe has turned a

Newsflash: Kylie Jenner Really Wants You to See Her Ass

For the past week, Kylie Jenner has been out to make a statement – she has an ass and it is a definite contender when it comes to the infamous Kardashian/Jenner attention spectacles. After all, this is

Jennifer Aniston Hits the Beach in a Bikini – Pregnant or Not?

In the mid-90s, Jennifer Aniston was arguably the hottest celeb on the planet; it seemed like “Rachel” from “Friends” was everyone’s dream girl, and the idea of ever seeing her naked wasn’t even fathomable.  Over the years,

Charlotte McKinney Demonstrates How a Bikini can be NSFW

When we think of the celebrity photos and videos that we find to be “NSFW” or “Not Safe For Work,” we generally think of nudity in some fashion; sometimes it’s on purpose and sometimes it’s accidental nudity,

Chrissy Teigen Gets Naked at the Beach for Photoshoot

It’s really no surprise that John Legend (given the panty-dropping music he makes) nabbed himself a hot supermodel wife like Chrissy Teigen, but it is quite a surprise that he doesn’t mind her stripping ALL of her

Jessica Alba Returns to the Beach – Brings the Alba Pose

It’s been around 10 years since the infamous shot of Jessica Alba at the beach that saw her on all fours with her ass popped up as if she was inviting anyone and everyone to come get

Miley Cyrus Goes Topless at the Beach in Hawaii

Miley Cyrus is really making an effort to earn serious “nude celeb of the year” status around here; just a couple of weeks ago we posted her nude spread in V Magazine, then came the news that
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