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Monday, March 5, 2012

Christina Hendricks Topless Pic Leaked?!

Less than 24 hours after posting the monumental Olivia Munn nude pics leak, we already have another celebrity's boobs setting the Internet ablaze with yet another supposed "leak."  This time it's Christina Hendricks and her giant boobs, who most of you probably know from "Mad Men" on AMC.   

But before we get into details, the official word from Christina's rep to TMZ is that YES her phone was hacked, YES there were self shot pics of her barely dressed and without make-up, but NO the one pic with her giant tits out is not her. HMM again we say.  It seems as if some serial hacker is getting pics of celebs, then inserting 1 or 2 perfectly done nude pics that aren't actually the actress.  It's an attempt at a defense at least.  While there aren't any fully nude shots like the one in Olivia Munn's pics, the huge breasts more than make up for it.

To us it looks like we have another great celebrity nude pic leak that features another celebrity in Christina Hendricks that has teased us with her tits for years now.  She's been on a lot of other shows Firefly, and a ton of red carpets over the years, and always seems to have her tits on display without giving us the full package.  Now that we've seen them, she might as well start doing nude scenes while she's at it.  It seems to us like these are legit as the Munn pics, and gives us even more reason to celebrate the greatness of leaked pics.  Join us in celebrating the greatness of Christina Hendricks (alleged) boobs on full topless display:

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